Coaching with Janiene

Maximize your potential

Working with you to help set you on a path to greater personal and professional fulfillment.

What is coaching?

If you have ever felt stuck trying to overcome challenges, or reach your goals, then you know that during these difficult times, you seek an ally. Someone who provides you with the support and guidance you desire to help navigate clarifying your goals and identifying any blocks on your roadmap to achieving desired results.

Sound familiar? This is where coaching can help. A coach partners with you in a thought-provoking, collaborative, co-created process driven by desired change. A process of working towards positive change as you go through self-discovery and gain self-awareness.

About Me


I’m a lawyer turned certified professional coach. I have a legal background, working in the legal field for over 12 years. My experiences as a legal assistant, paralegal, and lawyer gives me a unique understanding of the team dynamics within law firms. During this time, I also developed a strong skill-set around practice management and career development.

As a first generation lawyer and a young woman of colour, I encountered many challenges during the course of my career in law. This included facing microaggressions from others within the field and a lack of confidence leading to self-doubt and overthinking.

My lived experience of meeting and overcoming these difficulties inspired me to pursue my qualifications as a certified professional coach, and obtain DEI related certifications, so that I could put my experience to work in support and guidance of other professionals.

How can I help?

Lawyer Coaching

If you are struggling with managing your time, or confused about your next career move, you’ve reached the right place!

I work with lawyers seeking clarity, confidence, and courage to take the next steps towards their personal and professional development.

Together we work on exploring and discovering your values and strengths, building on your communication skills, developing practice management strategies, working on gaining self-confidence, team-building tools, and overall business development.

I work with lawyers in a few different capacities. In addition to one-to-one coaching sessions, I work with lawyers in group coaching sessions and educational workshops through The Lawyer Coach and Associate Mentoring Plus.

Coaching Women of Colour

Are you a career professional ready to unleash your full potential and re-define your role as a leader?

As a women of colour myself and someone who has worked as a career professional, I can identify with the additional hurdles that women of colour face in the professional setting. This often includes being overworked, overlooked and underestimated.

I work with women of colour who are tired of conforming and seek to embrace their authenticity while honing their executive presence as they navigate their path to leadership. A shift in perspective that requires you to own your differences rather than downplaying it.

I will witness your resilience and champion your success as we work together on shedding limiting beliefs, setting healthy boundaries, exploring a life of alignment, building a personal brand, and feeling empowered and confident.

What People Say

Lelice D.

“I had three sessions with Janiene and each one I came out with such amazing revelations. Her approach was very perceptive, gentle and affirming. What I loved most about the sessions was how present Janiene was. Her approach created a safe space for me to truly open up and be vulnerable. Coupled with her mirroring my thoughts she helped me get to the root of my problems. From there she helped me get to the root of my problems. Janiene never gave me advise or told me what I should do, instead she helped me find clarity because only I would have the answers. Thank you Janiene!”

Rating: 5 out of 5.
steph l.

“Being able to work with Janiene has been very helpful for me. Her energy is warm, kind, and very approachable. She created a space for me to feel comfortable and safe to open up and not feel judged for where I was at. I felt at ease to work through my challenges and really listen to myself as I spoke to help me understand what direction I needed to go in.” 

Rating: 5 out of 5.
aman s.

“I have never been to a life coach before. Janiene was very good at guiding me through becoming more self-reflective and thinking about how I can change things in my life that can feel somewhat outside of my control. She was very easy to work with and excellent at helping me see my goals through.”

Rating: 5 out of 5.